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    Performance overview

    2023/6/13      view:

    The company has repeatedly implemented national science and technology key research projects, national several projects, national torch plan and World Bank promotion projects. It has obtained more than 80 provincial and ministerial scientific research achievements, 44 national patents, 3 provincial science and technology progress awards, and the implementation rate of independent patents is 100%. Completed 3 key department projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2 national Torch Program level World Bank promotion projects, 1 national fund project, 5 provincial science and technology research projects, and 150 "four technology" service projects. Cooperated with Wuhan University of Technology to research one 863 plan project, South China University of Technology, Beijing Aeronautical University, Guangzhou Huachuang Chemical Materials Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. to research one national 863 plan in the field of new materials technology, and completed the national "Golden Sun" project and "Three Rivers Source" project. Completed more than 10 solar building engineering design projects and a series of scientific research projects with promotion value.

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